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 Poochie Parlor Profiles

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PostSubject: Poochie Parlor Profiles   Poochie Parlor Profiles EmptyWed Jul 17, 2013 4:34 pm

Poochie Parlor Profiles Poochi10

Poochie Parlor

xxxxxxxxxxIn the small city there are a few doggie boutiques, but none like Poochie Parlor which although might be small receives lots of customers. Poochie Parlor offers grooming & training as their services besides selling a lot of high quality dog supplies, but Poochie Parlor's main attraction are its dogs. The owner has made a shelter of the place allowing shelter dogs to be adopted out as well from the back of the building with kennels & runs for the homeless animals. All of the owner's good deeds however require them to live in the apartment on top of the building which they don't seem to mind. They've installed their own personal kennels on the rooftop, for their own canine companions. One of these days the Poochie Parlor's owner is going to get a ride when they meet their new obnoxious employee without even knowing it when the two meet accidentally!

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Poochie Parlor Profiles
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